God-blooded template
Shaper-Cathedral Forest

Divine Endurance
as free action gain damage reduction
10/—; this ability can absorb up to 40 damage per day.
or, alternate option, DR 5/magic

-gains prehensile tail

-gains secondary bite attack 1d6

-add climb as class skill

-once per encounter as a swift action; can calm all animals within 10 ft,
making them one step friendlier.

-add the feral template

LA+2 (god-blood+feral)

Feral Template

Character becomes monstrous humanoid

Hit Dice: change to d10

Speed: Land Speed +10ft

AC: +6 nat armor or the base creature’s natural armor bonus, whichever is better.

Attacks: gain two claw attacks Medium-size 1d8

Special attacks: depending on hit die:
1-3 improved grab
4-7 Pounce
8-11 Rake
12+ Rend

Special Qualities: depending on hit die
1-3 darkvision 60ft fast healing 2
4-7 darkvision 60ft fast healing 3
8-11 darkvision 90ft fast healing 4
12+ darkvision 120ft fast healing 5

Abilities: +4 str; -2 dex; +2con; -4int; +2wis


Race: Emserian

+2 dex *setting dependant
+2 listen search spot and spellcraft checks
+4 skill points at level 1 and 1 extra skill point per level
Favored class: any
Languages: Emserian +1 bonus Language: any(depending on setting)


tests and extras RingSong